Tanzania, Safari and Zanzibar

An ideal circuit for the first trip to Tanzania that will allow you to live the experience of an authentic safari and relax in the paradisiacal beaches of Zanzibar. We will start at the foot of the majestic Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, to reach the impressive Ngorongoro crater, passing by Lake Manyara and the Tarangire park which is home to thousands of elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras and an endemic fauna typical of this park. We will end our stay with a relaxing break in Zanzibar: the famous spice island with its heavenly beaches!

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Day 1: Arrival in Arusha

Welcome and welcome on your arrival at Kilimanjaro airport depending on your arrival time and transfer to Arusha.

Day 2: Safari to Lake Manyara

Travel through a lush jungle.
The Safari will last the whole day and will have lunch with a picnic under the fabulous yellow acacias. This park inside the Rift valley has a very interesting variety of fauna: elephants, buffaloes, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, impalas and many others including many hippos that attract as many water birds. Lake Manyara also offers unique sighting opportunities. Here it is possible to spot the famous lions that climb trees, a rare species, found only in the Lake Manyara ecosystem.
Late afternoon return to the lodge.

Day 3: The Ngorongoro crater in search of the “Big Five”

This day will be dedicated to the discovery of the famous crater, considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world. Four hundred species of animals populate the crater, including the pink flamingo that populates Lake Makarut, as well as the so-called Big Five (the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the rhino and the African buffalo).

Day 4: Safari in the Tarangire National Park

Safari day in the Tarangire national park, considered as one of the most beautiful wildlife shelters in the country. Here it is possible to see animals practically impossible to find in the other parks of northern Tanzania: the gerenuk gazelle, the minor kudu, the oryx, the eland and the rarest of all the antelopes, the greater kudu. Picnic lunch during the safari. The landscape is dotted with baobabs, elephants often dig into the bark of these trees to quench their thirst, the latter being real water supplies.

Day 5: Last day in Arusha

After breakfast at the lodge, you will have the chance to visit Arusha and buy some souvenirs. Free lunch. In the afternoon departure to Arusha airport and flight to Zanzibar with Air Excel or Zan Air (subject to availability). Arrival in Zanzibar and transfer to your lodge on the ocean.

Day 6 to 7: Sun and sea in Zanzibar!

Days to dedicate to relaxation! You can choose to practice your favourite activities like snorkelling and swimming or simply decide to relax on the beach.

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